How can I upload an audio or video file to my Content Library?

To add an audio or video to your Hovr Content Library, simply follow the instructions below! 

1. From your Hovr Dashboard, navigate to the third icon on the left labeled "My Content"

2. Click "Add Content"

3. Select "Add Audio/Video" from the drop down menu

4. From the drawer on the right side, click into the "Upload Video" section

5. Select the audio or video file you'd like to upload from your device

6. Add a title and cover image

7. In the "Call to Action" section, add your CTA copy and CTA URL

8. From the drop down menu, select whether you'd like for the URL to open in the same tab or a new tab

9. Once you are finished with these steps, click "Add Content" at the bottom of the drawer


You did it! Your audio or video file will now appear in your Content Library and be available for use as a Hovr Moment. 

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