How can I re-order my Marquee Tiles?

Changing the order of your Marquee Tile carousel is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below: 


1. From your Hovr Dashboard, click the "Update Marquee Tiles" quick action button near the top of the left navigation sidebar.

2. Once Edit Mode has expanded, you'll see a management drawer labeled "Marquee" slide out from the right side. From this drawer, you can see all of your current Marquee Tiles.

3. To the left of each Marquee Tile title, you'll see a six-dot icon. When you hover over this icon, your cursor will become a hand, allowing you to drag and drop your tiles into the order you prefer.

4. Once pleased with the new order, click "Done" in the upper left corner.


That's it - your Marquee Tiles are now re-ordered and ready for the spotlight!