How can I add a Redirect?

Redirect Slides and Anchors are impactful for your site and surprisingly simple to create! Simply follow the steps below:

1. From your admin dashboard, select the Redirects icon on the left navigation bar

2. Select the black "Add a link redirect" button

3. From the modal, fill in all required fields in the "Redirect Information" section

4. If you'd like to use your Redirect for an Auto Slide, add the Page where you'd like the Slide to appear in the "URL Paths" section of the modal

5. When you're satisfied with the preview image and your Auto Slide assignments (if applicable), click the "Add Redirect" button at the bottom of the modal to save

6. You will now be able to use the On-Site Editor to place this Redirect in a Slide Trigger or Anchor wherever you'd like

7. That's it - you've just added a Redirect that is ready to be used across your site!

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 8.40.29 AM

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 8.40.38 AM