How can I replace the cover image on an embedded piece of content?

From New Content Creation:

1. Click "Add Content" and paste your embed code in the open field

2. Click "Next"

3. Select "Expand" on the Content section 

4. Under "Cover Image", click "Replace Cover Image"

5. Select a new image from your device

6. Choose your specific URL extensions and CTA

7. Click the "Add Content" button at the bottom of the box

8. That's it - you've added embedded content with a replaced cover image to your Hovr!


From Existing Content:

1. Navigate to "Manage Content" on the left side of your Dashboard

2. Select the piece of content you'd like to edit

3. From the drawer that slid out from the right side of the screen, click the "Content" tab

4. Select "Replace Cover Image"

5. Choose a file from your device

6. This step auto-saves - your new cover image is live!