How can I create my first Hovr?

Once you've completed your Hovr account signup, it's time to create your first Hovr! 

These are the steps to get your first Hovr up and running:

1. Enter the URL where your Hovr will live and click the pink "Next" button.

2. Select your Hovr plan and click the pink "Next" button again.

3. Add a name for your Hovr (this will be used internally for your own organization) and select a primary hex color (you will see a live preview populate on the right side). Click the pink "Next" button once more.

4. Your first Hovr code is ready for use! To to further customize your Hovr with content, click the "Go to Hovr Portal" button to continue editing.



Congratulations on creating your first Hovr! Need more help? Drop us a line at